I once won Man of the Match for playing in goal when our team got beat 16-1!

The quickest way to become my best friend is with Terry’s Chocolate Orange! I love them! I can easily demolish one in a single sitting…

I have an unhealthy obsession with using emojis – especially in my WhatsApp groups.

I get way too attached to Safari browser tabs – there’s at least 20 open at any one time on my iPhone.

I have a real dislike of notifications on my iPhone / MacBook and *have* to get rid of them at the earliest opportunity!

I co-habit with my wife, beautiful daughter, gorgeous son, step-son and cat, Lenny. I would love a dog, but my wife won’t let me…

I’ve been told that I look like Zinedine Zidane on numerous occasions – just without the football skills and head-butting tendencies!

My likes include running, Liverpool FC, coffee, fast cars and loud music.

I thought the best way of trying to explain my photography style was to write down a load of words that came to mind when I think about taking photos, along with some kind words & phrases that people have said about my photographs – hopefully this will give you some idea as to how I work…

Relaxed; Friendly; Not forced; Reportage; Colour; Black & White; Depth of field; Light; Try to get to know you on a real personal level; Visually pretty images; Fun; Not so posey; Understand your in jokes; Avoid artificial clichéd poses taken for the sake of it; Doesn’t try to be something it’s not – it is what it is, you being you.

Where are you based / Do you travel?
I’m currently based in Birmingham – which gives me great access to pretty much everywhere. I love driving and seeing new places, so there’s really no destination too far. I’ll happily photograph anywhere in the UK and abroad too.

“I hate having my photograph taken”
Trust me, you’re not alone. I find that my photography style really suits all types of people – even those who absolutely hate being in front of the camera. I do my best to get to know you before the photography session to try to keep my time with you as relaxed as possible. If you’re thinking of me as your wedding photographer, then I can offer a pre-wedding shoot at a discounted rate to help with those nerves. Please contact me to discuss the details.

When can I expect to receive my images?
I aim to get your photographs to you 4-6 weeks after the event. If you require the images sooner, please notify me at the time of booking and I will do my best to accommodate your time frame.

Why does it take 4-6 weeks?
Every one of your photographs is individually edited to ensure the highest level of quality. I don’t use pre-set filters to batch edit your photos – they are all given the love and attention they deserve.

What happens if the typical British weather strikes?
Let’s face it, we live in the UK – we’re used to pretty crappy weather. But touch wood (*grabs table in front of me and hugs it like a maniac*) the weather on your day will be perfect! Should it be less than perfect, rest assured that we’ll make the most of it – you’ll still get some pretty amazing photos of your day. The kit I use is great in all light conditions, so bar an earthquake, we’ll be fine… (Please don’t ask me what happens in the event of an earthquake, I’m yet to experience it!)

How many images do you shoot?
Depends on what you’re getting me to photograph… For a wedding, it’s usually in the region of 2000. For a corporate event, it’s more around the 500 mark. I’ll always shoot multiple frames of each image to avoid any focus issues, people blinking, Chandler Bing smiles etc… Those images are then whittled down to the best photos. You’re normally looking at about 400 photos for a wedding and 30 images for a baby shoot – but every session is completely different so don’t hold me to these numbers.

Do you back up your images?
I wouldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t! I keep all unedited RAW files on a separate external hard drive, as well as a back up of all of your edited images on DVDs. I also make every effort to back up your images throughout the day as well to avoid any nightmare scenarios.


Pete was outstanding… The meeting before the wedding put our minds at ease knowing that Pete was going to cover everything we wanted. Pete went the extra mile on our wedding day and was with us throughout the day capturing everything he could.

Helen & Tom (1/2), Bride & Groom

Thanks SO much, the photos look great! Exactly what I was after from that session. Really pleased. There is a lot of atmosphere and the studio looks really 70’s-I love that! It’s a really great bit of photo evidence from the session.

Sara Colman, Musical Artist

Pete has an incredible eye for detail, composition and understanding of how to adapt quickly to a high pressure situation without needing a detailed brief. I respect his artistic eye and direction which is why I commission Pete for important events or exhibitions…

Claire Farrell (1/2), Director, WERK

It was an absolute pleasure having Pete as the photographer for our wedding day… Pete’s approach immediately made us feel relaxed… When Pete arrived it felt like having a friend there…

Hannah & Rich (1/3), Bride & Groom

Pete has created memories for us that we can always look back on. His relaxed approach made us instantly feel comfortable and his creativity provided a great range of shots.

Rowan, Chloe's Mum

Pete is a genuine & hardworking person who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to couples in the future. Most importantly, he takes fabulous photos and we were so happy when we saw our wedding photos! Our family felt very comfortable with Pete; his friendly & relaxed approach made us happy we had made the right choice.

Helen & Tom (2/2), Bride & Groom

I always know that the end result from Pete will be of high artistic quality with surprising viewpoints, that I had not seen myself…

Claire Farrell (2/2), Director, WERK

We would not hesitate in recommending Pete, who is not only a great photographer but a lovely, warm man who took the time to get to know and understand us as a couple – which was reflected during the day and in the photos themselves…

Hannah & Rich (2/3), Bride & Groom

Thank you so much, the photos are beautiful. We love them so much. We can’t stop looking at them!

Becky, Isabella's Mum

Pete captured some fantastic private moments of us, as well as natural photos of the wedding guests throughout the day. We have loved looking through the photos, which really captured the essence of our perfect day. It was lovely to see moments of the wedding that we didn’t see from our perspective on the day.

Hannah & Rich (3/3), Bride & Groom

We love how Pete has captured all the little details, as well as lot’s of natural / unposed moments. The photo’s are all we hoped for and more…

Louise & Rob, Bride & Groom


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